About Us

  Warisan Hospitality Furniture was established in 1989, Bali, Indonesia. Started as a purveyor of high quality teak furniture and antiques and Warisan eventually grew to become a modern furniture production facility, with various offices and showrooms worldwide (see Offices and Showrooms). We are able to fulfill large contract furniture orders, while still being small and hands on enough to supply more specialized orders (whether that be a private residence or a boutique café or the public areas of a hotel). Over 85% of what we produce is according to custom specifications, but we do carry over 500 of our own models in our existing collections. Many of these have been selected and “tweaked” by designers to make them their own.

We are pleased to have a team of over 400 craftsmen, designers, project leaders, and team members working together to produce goods at the highest quality and within competitive pricing of the hospitality furniture industry. We aim to please. We place a strong emphasis on attention to details to satisfy our customer.

Our greatest asset is our team. Their flexibility and creative problem solving ability cannot be underestimated. Second only to our team, are the wonderful natural resources that exist within close reach of our production facility. The possibilities for creativity become endless. And with clear conscience, too, as we only use wood from government sustained plantations! Some of the vast amount of locally available materials are shown in the “materials” section.

Our global setup enables us to provide logistic support to our clients across various time zones, and assures them of a continuity of service from design to delivery.

Our sales and administration team strives to leverage all available resources to get your orders out on time in order to maximize client satisfaction.

Find within Warisan.com an extensive database of images with a full search engine. Should you have need of a high resolution photo or a material swatch for your upcoming projects and mood boards, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Many of our latest works can be seen in the “recent custom works” section.

Also, notice the diversity of existing products created by our in-house design team. That same team is available to serve designers in realizing their own goals within any given project.


~ The Warisan Team ~

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The Material Selection

Warisan is an Indonesian furniture manufactory and is sourcing the hardwood and the plywood entirely in Indonesia. With the largest natural rain forest in Asia  and the third in the tropics (after Brazil and Congo) with approximately 80 million hectares, Indonesia is nowadays the leading producer of many forest products such as plywood, furniture, pulp and paper, doors and  windows etc.

These Perum Perhutani Plantations which are FSC certified, are government owned and managed with sustainable criteria.  The Indonesian Ministry of forestest and environement has granted Warisan the coveted SLVK Certification which allows to export wooden product in full compliance of the laws.The Indonesian Government strictly regulates the export for all wood products and since January 2013 the Ministry of the Forestry and Ministry of Trade of the republic of Indonesia has enforced and imposed the Indo-TLAS/SVLK scheme to assure the International timber market of the legality of its timber products. Since then the Indonesian government strictly regulates the export for all wood.

What is the SVLK certificate – Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system?

SVLK is a certification system that provides assurance that all process of harvesting, transportation, processing, and selling of timber products come from sustainably managed forests and plantations.

The Indonesian Timber Legality assurance System (Indo-Tlas)/ System Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) is based on a certification approach as “operator-based licensing”.

In order to obtain the “V-Legal” documents & SVLK certification, Warisan is  audited and inspected  every year regarding the legality of the operations and process by a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). Each log purchased  is numerated and should have documents regarding its origin,  and the results of its cutting is also registered and numerated in order that there should be no hidden practices  of adding wood that has been illegally purchased. At the same time each plantation and forestry concession is audited and inspected to assure that  all wood  is harvested  under conditions of sustainability .

You can understand better SVLK – Indonesian LEGAL WOOD by watching the following:

DR. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of Environment and Forestry RI:

"I believe that we, timber producers as well as consumer countries, are all concerned to stopping the threat in illegal timber trade. Indonesia has been able to develop and implement a robust system to provide the evidence of the legality of our timber products through SVLK. It is the time for regulated timber markets to accept legally verified timber from Indonesia, and especially for the European Union to make FLEGT license timber from Indonesia go alive".

It is important to underline that Indonesia is the first Asian country that has a VPA  (Voluntary Partnership Agreement) with the EU, although negotiations between Malaysia and Vietnam and the EU are showing some progress.

By signing the VPA, timber products exported from Indonesia to the EU can be considered as having negligible risk of illegality under the EU Timber Regulation, saving European operators and their supply chains time and money. In addition, this may increase confidence for Indonesian timber suppliers and make Indonesian timber products more attractive when compared with timber that originates from non VPA countries.

In addition to carefully selected plantation hardwoods, Warisan furniture also uses metals, stones, glass, marble, marines products, fibers, and fabrics of the highest quality most of them from Indonesia please find more details about our material & finishes here.

Want to know more about SVLK? Have a look at the short film here.

From Artisan Approach to Design and Concept Management

From Warisan Furniture’s beginning, the founders, Gianpaolo and Lucio have placed an important emphasis on tapping into the genius and skills of Indonesian craftsman and are determined to keep it that way.

After 25 years of experience, we continue to value our hands more than our machines. We strive to optimize the skills of our carpentry team, supporting and sharing their talents with appropriate mechanized processes in order to achieve artisan quality in higher volume.

Warisan’s passionate team of designers, managers and technical advisors are up for the challenge and happy to serve. We appreciate working closely with our clients, their appointed interior designers and procurement agents to efficiently process the information presented to us, offering creative solutions and technical advice to help each project meet specification requirements, budgets and time lines.

Quality Control begins with our material selection.

As our production is a fully in-house, we guarantee a strict quality-controlled at any stage of the production process.


  • How can I contact Warisan?


    Please contact here

  • Do you have a catalogue?


    Yes you will be able to see a large range of our standard collection here (warisan.com/catalogues)

  • Where do I address my purchase order?


    Every Purchase orders can be sent to sales@warisan.com or to your closest authorized Warisan representative, see the list here.

  • What is the warranty? Does the furniture has warranty?


    At Warisan you get a 25 years of knowledge that are able to warranty high quality hand-made furniture. All the process of designing and producing, are controlled in house until delivery – by our skilled team. That is why we stand to be free of manufactures defect. In an unfortunate special case concerning our quality standard, we will consider you report and we will take the proper measures to address your concern.

    All our products come with a 12 month warranty

    See more:here (warisan.com/warranty)

  • Do you customize?


    Yes, we do custom pieces – just as long as you don’t copy someone else’s work. Now we realize that copying is the highest form of flattery but we suggest a better approach by using these steps.

    Consider what it is that you really like about that piece. Is it the color? Is it the proportion? The shape? Or is it the combo of materials? Is it a special curved or carved element? Is it how the upholstery is detailed?

    Take whatever aspect or aspects that had impacted you and find a way to make them your own. Let their expression inspire your expression.

    So be inspired. Be influenced.

    But please don’t ask us to copy other’s work.

    Others may want to know to what level will we customize? Well, if you can dream it, we will try to figure out how to make it happen. Having said that, you would need to let us know in advance what is your time restraints and budget limitations, so we can design your dream with that knowledge in mind.

    Easy customization is taking an existing piece of ours and tweaking it. We don’t mean just changing the size or dimensions and color, because of course we can do that. Rather we mean making one of our pieces your own!"

  • What is the delivery time?


    We commit ourselves to ensure that you receive your Warisan Product as quickly as possible. Our sales team and representatives will be able to give you a more detailed answer according to the size of your order and our current production status.

  • Where do I find the dimensions of a piece of furniture?


    It is possible to find the dimensions on the Product detail. Please click here for an example. ( e.g:  warisan.com/product....)

  • Why are there no prices shown on your website?


    he multiple possibilities of material, colours and sizes we are presenting in this following selection prevent us to communicate about the prices of products we feature on this website. Each of our pieces have a large panel of possibilities of being made of considering the endless possibilities of leathers and fabrics, laques colors and wood finishes. As a showcase of our abilities, warisan.com is a manufacterer’s website designed to show a range of our furniture. 

    In order to help to make each pieces yours, our team will be pleased to inform, guide and advise you regarding your wishes and tastes, contact us 

  • Is everything Warisan makes shown on the website?


    Our website has been designed to show you a large range of our knowledge and capabilities. It doesn’t feature every style we have made throughout the years. And we have commitment to protect all our clients copyrighted pieces.

    What is SVLK?


    SVLK (Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu) is the acronym of Indonesia’s national timber legality assurance system, which is a mandatory legality and sustainability certification system built on a national multistakeholder consensus.

    Is SVLK enough to prove the legality of the wood?


    Yes. Under Indonesian law, SVLK certification and related documents (SVLK certificates and export licences called V-Legal Documents) constitute proof of legality for Indonesian timber products. Until the start of FLEGT licensing, Indonesian products with a V-Legal Document that are exported to the EU will have to go through the normal due diligence process under the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). Once FLEGT licensing starts, FLEGT-licensed products will be considered comply with the EUTR requirements, meaning that no due diligence is required. Learn more FLEGT licensig here.


Massively thick/heavy items are likely to experience natural, non-structural cracking. All knock-down items will come with assembly instructions, fixings and we will provide touch-up kits with all large orders, to help the installers on site deal with any scratches, marks, etc.

Warisan cannot be held responsible for furniture problems due to poor design by either clients or third parties, especially when appropriate time for research development and testing have not been allowed. Antiques, Art Furniture, Roots, Slab Furniture, and “Origins” style furniture may have natural material imperfections which are beyond the control of Warisan. Such imperfections make them unique, we will ensure that they are delivered in good condition and fit for the purpose intended.

Exceptions: Warisan cannot be held responsible for damages within the container. All goods should be insured. To make an insurance claim for shipping damages have to be photographed immediately upon opening the container and as the damages are exposed. Warisan cannot be held responsible for damage caused in transit, or due to improper handling or storage. On client-designed, custom-made furniture, we cannot always guarantee the furniture performance and, as such, all custom designs should be carefully considered BY CLIENT prior to manufacture.

In the unlikely event that an item provided by Warisan does not meet the requirements of standard hospitality usage (said standards being discussed prior to production), we request that the purchaser notify us in writing with details of the problem, including photos, conditions of delivery, conditions of on site usage, which delivery/PO, etc. After a claim has been verified and liabilities appointed, Warisan will negotiate the appropriate steps for repair and/or replacement in a timely/cost effective manner for all parties.

The processing and drying of all wood is done in-house, so furniture moisture content (MC) is strictly controlled and quality maintained. Hardware, often imported, is made according to designer specification. International Hardware companies also offer their own guarantee.

All Warisan standard furniture comes with a 12 month warranty/guarantee. Warisan furniture is made with only high quality raw materials, fittings and finishes.