Materials and Finishes

In our production we emphasize the use of the resources of Indonesia in particular renewable resources.

SOLID WOOD, The main timbers available in Indonesia are TEAK and MAHOGANY that are purchased from Government plantations (PERHUTANI) and occasionally from private plantations. Since teak and mahogany are not native to Indonesia, we can be sure that all availability of these two woods are plantation products. We also use INDONESIAN ROSEWOOD (Sonokeling), however the quantity available of this beautiful wood is limited, so we use it for accents or small productions.

Other woods from plantations are PINE and DAMMAR, but owing to their lower quality, we use them only in some structural, non visible parts. Another wood similar to teak in color, but not as hard is CHINA BERRY (Mindi), that we purchase from small private plantations. Beside these timbers we avoid any other hard wood, in particular MERBAU, a beautifulhard wood which is native to Irian Jaya, and has been illegally logged in recent years. The export is now prohibited by the Government. In addition to Indonesian timber, we can import other timbers from any part of the world. The Indonesian government has recently improved conditions for importers to secure imported wood to nourish the growing furniture industries in this country.

We use also VENEERS, particularly for cabinets and side boards. The substrate of veneers can be plywood or MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard). Since plywood is low quality wood , coming from forests of dubious sustainability, we prefer to use MDF, which is a by product of the wood working process. The veneers in TEAK, MAHOGANY and ROSEWOOD are produced in Indonesia, but we can import any veneer in the world and have it laminated.

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Materials & Finishes

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